Nabil Bank Publishes New Interest Rate

April 13, 2023 | Investopaper

Nabil Bank Limited has published a new interest rate for its deposit and loan products. The interest rate is applicable from April 14, 2023 [Baisakh 1, 2080 BS].

The bank will provide up to 8.4 percent in its savings deposit. Likewise, the individual fixed deposit will offer as high as a 9.99 percent interest rate [remittance fixed deposit not included].

Similarly, Nabil Bank will provide loans with a premium above the base rate of up to 5 percent. The base rate of the bank as of Poush’s end, 2079 BS is 10.10 percent. Likewise, the interest rate spread is 5.37 percent [As of Falgun, 2079 BS].

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The notice below shows the new interest rate published by Nabil Bank :

Nabil Bank Interest Rate


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