Nabil Bank Launches Heroes of Nepal series by Felicitating Nirmal Purja

November 17, 2019 | Investopaper

Nabil Bank has launched its Heroes of Nepal series with the objective of recognizing and felicitating Nepalis who have achieved extraordinary feats. The purpose behind the Heroes of Nepal series is to highlight and learn from the life journeys of exceptional Nepalis, so as to draw inspiration from them for all Nepalis to strive to lead extraordinary lives.

In an event organized in Rastriya Sabhagriha on Friday 15th November 2019, Nabil Bank initiated the Heroes of Nepal series by felicitating Mr. Nirmal Purja ‘Nims Dai’ for setting a world record of climbing the world’s 14 highest peaks within 7 months. At the event Nirmalji shared not only the adventures of his 14 historic summit ascents, but also the challenges of his journey through life. The event was attended by the Bank’s senior management team, media personalities and Nepali youth.

In the event Mr. Purja delivered an inspiring address on his life journey and the hardships he faced along the way to make possible, ‘Project Possible’. While today everyone sees him as a world record holder, in the event Nirmalji let everyone see the human side of the man who has achieved a super human task. Following Mr. Purja’s presentation there was a panel discussion with Mr. Purja, Ms. Shrinkhala Khatiwada and Mr. Anil Shah to dive a little deeper into areas from which we all can draw inspiration.

Nabil Bank felicitated Mr. Purja for his great accomplishment and awarded him with a sum of Rs. 7,00,000 (Rupees Seven lakhs) as a token of appreciation and an encouragement for him to continue pursuing his passion. Following which, Nabil Bank in collaboration with the Nepal Mountaineering Association, also committed to provide scholarships to 15 children from families of mountaineers who lost their lives while on expeditions in the Himalaya.

Mr. Anil Keshary Shah, CEO of Nabil Bank said, “For us to truly build a Prosperous Nepal with Happy Nepalis, each son and daughter of Nepal has to believe, think and work like a Hero. The objective of the Nabil Bank Heroes of Nepal series is to provide a platform for us to show case the strengths and achievements of true Nepali Heroes, so that we can all learn from them and become Heroes of Nepal ourselves.”




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