Government Issues ‘National Water Resources Policy-2077’

December 18, 2020 | Investopaper

The government has released the ‘National Water Resources Policy, 2077’ with the long-term vision of equitable and sustainable development of water resources along with economic prosperity and social transformation through its multi-use. Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Barshaman Pun, informed that the policy has been made public after four years of untiring and joint efforts of concerned groups and bodies.

The policy aims to contribute to economic prosperity and social transformation by conserving, enhancing and utilizing the water resources available in the country in a sustainable manner. The purpose of the policy made public by Minister Pun is to contribute to the growth of national product by multi-dimensional and equitable utilization of water resources.  Similarly, the policy aims to develop and utilize water resources in a way that minimizes the negative impact on the socio-economic and environmental aspects and to reduce the damage by minimizing and effectively managing water-borne disasters.

The policy sets out 11 strategies. Water resources will be utilized and managed on the basis of river basin master plan. Priority will be given to integrated water resources management and multi-purpose use of water resources. Similarly, a strategy has been formulated to increase the participation of private sector and concerned stakeholders in water resources conservation and development by making appropriate institutional arrangements for the protection, development, management and regulation of water resources.

Similarly, there is a policy strategy of conducting research in the field of water resources, developing the capacity of the concerned institutions and manpower. The role and responsibilities of the federal, state and local levels will be clarified and water resources will be utilized, and the areas and communities affected by water resources projects will be protected.

The National Water Resources Policy also includes strategies to minimize the negative impact on social, cultural and environmental aspects and to control and reduce waterborne disasters. Minister Pun informed that the National Water Resources Policy has been decided for the first time through extensive interaction. He said that the issue of how to make good use of natural resources and how to move the future generation forward in the coming days has been included.

According to Minister Pun, after the promulgation of the federal constitution, the policy for the use of water resources has been prepared according to the work to be done from all three levels. The policy has given clear guidance on how to use water resources in the fields of irrigation, hydropower and tourism.



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