NEA Implements Tariff While Charging Electric Bus In Charging Station

October 18, 2020 | Investopaper

Tariff for charging vehicles in the electric bus charging station have been imposed. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has implemented the fee fixed by the Electricity Tariff Assessment Commission three months ago. The charging station will have to pay Rs 4.60 per unit while charging the electric bus as per the fixed tariff.

The station had earlier been paying Rs 10 per unit. The charging station will be able to provide vehicle charging facility by taking an additional 20 percent fee of Rs 4.60 per unit while charging electric vehicles. The charging stations were in trouble when the government did not fix the electricity and charge fees of the electric charging stations.

As per the prescribed fee, a full bus will now cost Rs 500 to Rs 550 to fully charge.Previously, you had to pay up to Rs 1200. Once fully charged buses travel at least 250 kilometres. Buses plying in Kathmandu Valley operate for two days once fully charged.

For private electric cars also, charging in the station will be cheaper than charging at home. You have to pay Rs 8 to Rs 10 per unit when charging at home, but if you go to the station, the cost will be Rs 6 per unit.



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