Nepal Telecom Launches ‘NT ChatBot’ Service

February 18, 2021 | Investopaper

Nepal Telecom has launched ‘NT ChatBot’ service to provide information on various services. The company released the ‘NT ChatBot’ service so that information on various services and service delivery methods of the telecom can be obtained automatically from the company’s website through chat.

After opening the company’s website, a small screen of NT chatbot will appear and from there one can chat and get the information s/he needs and lodge a complaint. In order to get information about the various services of the company in the chatbot, one can choose the available options and choose Nepali or English language and write a question. Information about the company’s various services like 4G, FTTH, GSM Prepaid, GSM Postpaid, Landline, NT App, Online Recharge, Offers, Packages etc. can be easily obtained by chatting.

The NT ChatBot service automatically provides information based on the details placed on the website.

Similarly, feedback and complaints can be made about various services. If the complaint or grievance cannot be addressed automatically through chatbot, the concerned department / official of the company will study and manage the grievance.



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