Banks Report Average Net Worth Per Share of Rs. 189.27

November 5, 2023 | Investopaper

Net worth per share, or book value per share, tells you how much each share of a company’s stock is theoretically worth based on its assets and debts. To calculate it, you take all the money a company owns (its assets) minus what it owes (its debts), and then divide that by the number of shares of stock that people own.

Investors use this number to see if a company’s stock is a good deal. If the stock’s price is higher than this value, it might be because investors think the company will do well in the future. If the stock’s price is lower, it might be a sign that the stock is a bargain. However, it’s important to look at other things too before deciding to invest in a company.

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Here, we

Rank Commercial Banks Networth Per Share ( Rs.)
1 Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited 356.37
2 Nepal Bank Limited 248.46
3 Everest Bank Limited 242.34
4 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited 221.99
5 Nabil Bank Limited 218.27
6 Agricultural Development Bank Limited 206.17
7 NIC Asia Bank Limited 202.05
8 Nepal SBI Bank Limited 182.69
9 Siddhartha Bank Limited 177.66
10 Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited 173.37
11 Laxmi Sunrise Bank Limited 171.3
12 Himalayan Bank Limited 170.27
13 Global IME Bank Limited 168.3
14 NMB Bank Limited 159.69
15 Sanima Bank Limited 158.81
16 Prime Commercial Bank Limited 152.06
17 Prabhu Bank Limited 147.82
18 Citizens Bank International Limited 143.77
19 Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited 142.77
20 Kumari Bank Limited 141.33
Average 189.27

Source: Unaudited Q1 Report Of Respective Banks, FY 2080/81


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