Now you can fly on a drone : SureFly Octocopter

January  16, 2019 | Investopaper

In this week Detroit auto show, a company from Columbus has revealed a drone like SuperFly Octocopter that can carry two passengers. It has been rated to carry the weight of 400 pounds and can gain a speed of 75 mph. Also the range is around 75 miles. The most interesting thing about this Octocopter is that one who can fly a drone can fly this as well.

This was designed by a small company of Columbus, Ohio.The Workhorse group is looking forward to get the certification from Federal Aviation Administration to launch its production within two years.

Workhorse CEO and founder Steve Burns first questioned that why doesn’t everyone have a helicopter in their garage? He then answered his own question by saying that it was because the helicopter was too expensive and hard to fly. This octocopter can address the issue easily.

He further cited that easy vertical take off and landing, cheap affordability and safety were the major goals of the project.

This octocopter is mainly computer controlled where a operator turns a joystick like control to point to the location they want to go. A throttle control in left door is designed to adjust speed while to take off and land, they can speed up or slow down. Basically, a drone flyer can fly this easily.
This will surely provide competitive advantage against the helicopter which needs trained pilot for its operation. It is already being termed as a new air taxi.




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