Open The Stock Market Adopting Security Measures: Finance Minister

June 8, 2020 | Investopaper

Finance Minister Dr. Yuvaraj Khatiwada has instructed to open the share market by adopting security measures and said that the market should not be closed for a long time.

Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), which has the major responsibility of regulating and supervising the capital market, has entered its 28th year.

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On the same occasion, addressing a function held in the capital on Sunday, Finance Minister Dr. Khatiwada said, “Even if the lockdown continues for a long time, it cannot be closed for a long time. We need a plan on how to move forward on the day the market opens. Let’s move forward accordingly.” ”

Stating that even if there is a problem in the share market for the time being, it will be short-term, he said, adding that one should fight with Corona and move ahead with all his activities.

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He said that the government should make secondary market transactions fully based on electronic technology, bring stock dealers into operation to increase institutional investment in the capital market, expand secondary market and start secondary market trading of bonds, make necessary arrangements to operate commodity market.

Although there are mutual fund for those who do not want to take the risk of the market but want to invest in the market, it is still in the initial stage, said the Finance Minister, drawing the attention of the Board to work
towards increasing individual as well as institutional investors.

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