Party Palace In Biratnagar With One Billion Investment

December 29, 2020 | Investopaper

Bhagwan Rathi, an industrialist from Biratnagar, has started construction of a party palace with an investment of over Rs 1 billion.  Rathi, who is running two big paper industries including Baba Paper Mill and Sunrise Paper Mill in Sunsari, has started construction of the largest party palace in Biratnagar.

The party palace has been set up in Biratnagar with an investment of over Rs 1 billion to end the trend of going to hotels and party palaces in India for weddings. Especially people from the eastern Madwadi community go to big hotels and party palaces in India to get married.

The party palace, built in the main market area of ​​Biratnagar, covers an area of ​​1 bigha and 8 katthas. Buildings with adequate parking and state-of-the-art facilities are being constructed in the party palace complex. Similarly, structures such as swimming pool, pool party, picnic sports and others have been constructed inside the party palace. Separate swimming pools have also been constructed targeting men, women and children. There are two large wedding halls. One hall has a capacity of 500 people and the other has a capacity of 800 people. Separate pavilions, banquet halls and even two large kitchens have been built.

A restaurant has also been built inside the party palace. The party palace is also equipped with water fountains and attractive lights. A temple of Radhakrishna will also be established inside the party palace. There will be 3 swimming pools in the campus. There will be three vegetarian restaurants in the party palace. In addition, a fast food parlor with ice cream and coffee will be run separately. Lodging and fooding will be available for 12 months.


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