Prabhu Life Insurance Introduces New Bonus Rate

May 9, 2023 | Investopaper

Prabhu Life Insurance Limited (former Star Life Insurance Co. Ltd.) started operation on Mangsir 28, 2074 (December 14, 2017). The major promoters of the company include Prabhu Group, Prabhu Bank Limited, and Shangrila Development Bank.

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Prabhu Life Insurance Bonus Rate

Prabhu Life Insurance has introduced a new bonus share to its policyholders. As per the actuary valuation of the fiscal year 2077/78, the life insurance will provide a bonus rate ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 70 per thousand.

The notice below shows the new bonus rate of Prabhu Life Insurance:

Products Offered By Prabhu Life Insurance

1. Shreee Briddhi (Endowment Plan)

2. Sambridhha Jeevan Beema (Endowment Plan-Regular)

3. Sambridhha Jeevan Beema (Endowment Plan-Single)

4. Amulya Jeevan Beema (Endowment Cum Whole Life Plan)

5. Sammunati Jeevan Beema(Annual Money Back Plan)

6. Baibhav Jeevan Beema (Money Back Plan)

7. Jeevan Unatti (Child Money Back Plan)

8. Jeevan Kiran (Child Endowment Plan)

9. Prabhu Myadi Jeevan Beema (Term Plan)

10. Jeevan Sparsha (Term Plan)

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