Premier Insurance Proposes 15 Percent Dividend From FY 2077/78

January 13, 2022 | Investopaper

Premier Insurance Company Limited (PIC) has revised the dividend to the shareholders from the fiscal year 2077/78. As per the direction of Beema Samiti, the company has changed the declared dividend.

As per the decision of the board of directors’ meeting held on Poush 28, 2078 BS, PIC has proposed a 15 percent dividend. The total dividend includes a 14.25 percent bonus share and a 0.75 percent cash dividend (for tax purposes).

Previously, the company had announced a 15 percent dividend, including a 7.50 percent bonus share and a 7.50 percent cash dividend.

As of Ashad’s end 2078 BS, Premier Insurance has a paid-up capital of Rs 104.75 crores. At this capital, the bonus share is worth Rs 14.92 crores while the cash dividend amounts to Rs 78.56 lakhs.

The Insurance Board has provided the approval for the dividend. The dividend is subject to approval from the upcoming AGM of the insurance.

From the previous fiscal year 2076/77, Premier Insurance distributed an 11.05 percent cash dividend to the shareholders.

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