Presence Of Concerned Person Mandatory To Get A SIM Card

June 29, 2020 | Investopaper

Now, when getting a new SIM card, lost or damaged, the concerned person has to be present. Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA)has issued such instructions to the telecommunication providers. As per the NTA guidelines, the concerned person must be present and show the original identity card in order to get the SIM Card. NTA has given such instructions saying that there is a possibility of taking and abusing the SIM through a copy of the identity card of others

Nepal Telecommunication Authority has issued the directive saying that if a copy of one person’s identity card is received by another person, unauthorized access to another person’s mobile number will lead to access to banking, email services, social media including Facebook and increase the security threat.

While selling and distributing SIM cards, when issuing a new SIM card in case of loss or damage, the customer must be present and show the original identity card.

In case the customer is not able to appear in person, one with approved authority can take the SIM card. The directive also warns that action will be taken as per the Telecommunications Act if the NTA inspects and finds that the directive has not been implemented. There is a provision to take action up to Rs 50,000 if the instructions given by NTA are not followed. NTA has already instructed the consumers not to use the SIM card in the name of other person besides their own.

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