Price analysis of 27 commercial banks stocks: Market review 2018

January 2 , 2019 | Investopaper

In the new year 2019, we bring you the price analysis of 27 commercial banks based on the Nepse index. For this, we have taken three Nepse index values i.e. the highest, average and lowest value of the year 2018. The highest value for the year was recorded on Jan 9, 2018, as shown in the table. Similarly, average and lowest Nepse index were recorded on September 18 and December 5 respectively. The following table shows the percent change in Nepse.

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We have presented the price of 27 commercial stocks at that point of time and tried to find the differences in their price. This will help to analyze how much percent change is observed in stock price with the change in Nepse index at high-average-low points for the year 2018


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As shown in the table, the stock price of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)  and Everest Bank (EBL) have declined sharply this year. Similarly, NCC Bank and Nepal SBI Bank have also shown a massive decline. This is also due to the increase in share volumes in the market of some of these companies after issuing right and bonus to meet the paid up capital requirement. Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. and NIC Asia Bank are the only banks which price showed the positive percentage change.

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