Price history of bitcoin since 2013

June 24, 2019 | Investopaper

The bitcoin price surge has continued its momentum this Sunday. The closing price of BTC stands at 10,855.37.

Lately, Facebook revealed its plan to launch Libra, its own cryptocurrency. The involvement of a big company like Facebook has given more assurance to the crypto investors, hence pushing the value of the currency above $10,000 which slid to $3236.76 in December 2018.

Below we bring you the price history of bitcoin since 2013.

Year High-low (in $) Avg. price (in $)
2013 1151.17-68.43 257.47
2014 953.29-310.74 527.24
2015 465.32-178.10 272.45
2016 975.92-364.33 568.49
2017 19497.40-777.76 4006.03
2018 17527-3236.76 7572.3
2019 till date 10855.37-3843.52 5311.42

As shown above, the all-time high value of bitcoin stands at 19497.40 in 2017. It has shown good comeback this year as the price of this cryptocurrency has already surged by more than 140 percent compared to last year end.




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