Price history of Nabil Bank Limited in the Nepalese share market


Nabil Bank is one of the leading commercial banks of Nepal. It trades under the stock symbol NABIL in the secondary market of Nepal. It has been one of the consistent stocks in the sharemarket. As a result, it is considered as one of the blue-chip stocks by the investors. The price history of Nabil will help to know how good stocks grow in value over time. It will help you to realize that value investing is the most important way to be successful in the share market.

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Price History of Nabil Bank

The graph below shows the price history of Nabil Bank since 2013. Nabil Bank was trading at around Rs. 1660 in the early month of 2013. But the price surged to Rs. 2750 in the month of August the same year. The share price remained consistent for the next four years when the market enjoyed a bull phase. The average trading price of Nabil Stock was Rs. 2044 during this period. Likewise, the investors received good dividends during this time period too. The number of stocks increased by 2.53 times during this period. On the other hand, the bank also distributed great cash dividends to its shareholders during this timeframe.

NABIL is one of the blue-chip stocks of Nepalese share market

Now let us shift our focus to the bear market that started from the second half of 2016 and is still existent. The average trading price of Nabil shares in the last three year period till August 2019 is Rs. 1067. In this period, the bank has distributed attractive bonus shares that have increased the number of shares by 45 percent. The share price of Nabil in early 2017 was Rs. 1530 which has slipped to Rs. 777, a decline of 49.22 percent.


If you had purchased the shares of Nabil in early 2013, then the number of shares you purchased would increase by 3.69 times. Let me illustrate by taking 100 shares for easy calculation. Your initial 100 unit shares would now grow to 369 unit shares after receiving bonus shares regularly. Now, let us assume you paid Rs. 1660 ( Jan 1, 2013 closing price) to buy Nabil shares, then your total investment would be Rs, 1,66,000 ( broker commission and other fees not included) to buy 100 unit shares of Nabil. As of today, Nabil is trading at Rs. 777. So, your total worth would be Rs. 2,86,713, a total increase of net-worth by 1.72 times. Likewise, you would have received more than  Rs. 25,000 sticking to the shares of Nabil i.e. 15 percent of your investment would have flown to you in the form of the cash dividend.

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