How To Set Up PIN Code In Mero Share?

September 21, 2020 | Investopaper

CDS & Clearing has made a provision to use pin code in Mero Share. CDSC has implemented the use of 4 digit PIN in Mero Share. To make the use of Mero Share more secure, CDSC has provided the PIN by replacing the OTP(One Time Password) displayed on the screen of your device.

At current, OTP is used when submitting a purchase application for primary issue of securities through My Asba in the Mero Share software. To set a 4-digit PIN, the user is required to set a mandatory PIN code when logging in to Mero Share for the first time.

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How To Set Up Mero Share PIN Code?

Step 1: Go to Mero Share Login Page by clicking the link:

The mero share login page appears as:

mero share login page

Step 2: Enter your DP Id, Login Id and Password and click on ‘Login’. This is shown in the image below:

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Step 3: After you login into the mero share software, a new window appears suggesting you to set up a 4 digit PIN code. Enter a 4-digit PIN code and confirm the transaction PIN. This is highlighted by the green box in the image below. After you enter you PIN, click on Proceed.

That’s it. Now, you have set up a PIN code. Keep this code secure as it will be used during the application for IPO, FPO or Right Issue through ‘My ASBA’.

The use of PIN Code in Mero Share has made the software more safe. This will act as the extra security. Hope this was helpful.

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