Ranipokhari To Be Inaugurated on Karthik 5

October 18, 2020 | Investopaper

The inauguration of the reconstructed historic Ranipokhari is scheduled to take place on Karthik 5, 2077. The inauguration will be held on Wednesday as the reconstruction of Ranipokhari, which was completely destroyed due to the Gorkha earthquake, has been completed.

The 352-year-old heritage has been reconstructed in the old style five years after the earthquake. With the inauguration, the public will be able to visit the Balgopaleshwar temple in the middle of Ranipokhari from this year onwards. Every year for five years after the earthquake, the idol of Balagopaleshwar was placed at the mouth of the bridge in the pond at Bhaitika. Initially, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City said that the reconstruction work would not be carried out for three years due to disagreement between the Department of Archeology and the internal conflict of KMC. Eventually, the reconstruction work was handed over to Reconstruction authority.

President Bidyadevi Bhandari had started the reconstruction of the heritages damaged by the earthquake from Ranipokhari on the occasion of the on Magh 2, 2072.

The inscription states that Ranipokhari was built in 1727 BS to appease the queen after the death of Pratap Malla’s son Chakravartendra. The Balgopaleshwar temple was established in the middle of the pond at that time. The king built this pond in the memory of his son Chakravartendra.

Historians say that water from 108 shrines was poured into the pond. During the construction by Pratap Malla, four temples were built around the pond. Bhairav’s temple in the northwest corner, Bhairav’s temple in the northeast corner, Devi’s temple in the south-east corner and sixteen-armed Ganesha in the southwest.


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