Rasuwagadhi and Sanjen IPO extended by two more days

April 24, 2019 | Investopaper

Sebon has responded to the complaint of many investors who could not apply for the IPO of two companies Rasuwagadhi Hydropower and Sanjen Jalavidyut due to the technical error in the CDSL software causing chaos in Meroshare login. Sebon has instructed the issue managers of respective companies to add two more days before closing its issue.

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Now, both the IPO  issue will close on Baisakh 12, 2076 i.e. Thursday. Citizen Investment Trust, the issue manager of Sanjen has informed that the IPO has already been oversubscribed by 2.5 times in its first four days of issue.

Similarly, more than 2,50,000 applicants have applied for the IPO of Rasuwagadhi Hydropower and the issue has already been oversubscribed by 1.68 times.

Looking at the number of applicants, it would be wise to apply for 50-60 units of Rasuwagadhi and 30-40 units of Sanjen Jalavidyut.





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