Sales Of Paddy Seeds Double Than Last Year

June 2, 2020 | Investopaper

Rampur University of Agriculture and Forest Sciences has distributed more than four metric tonnes of Asare paddy seeds. The university, which sold two metric tonnes of Asare paddy seeds last year, has doubled its sales even during the shutdown.

Mukesh Kumar Singh, a professor at the university, said that the university has started selling and distributing packing seeds with its own logo and brand from this year. Although the possibility of getting seeds to the farmers is less due to the risk of Covid-19, this problem has been removed after the farmers reached the university to buy rice seeds. The university has been providing lump sum seeds to the agricultural groups of the district and sending the seeds to the farmers easily.

Professor Singh informed that the seeds were distributed since a month ago as the decline brought by Covid-19 in the economy could be reversed through the agricultural revolution. Earlier, the university used to produce rice seeds and give them to other companies. According to Professor Singh, seed production and sales have increased after the university set up its own processing center and testing laboratory.

Ram and Savitri rice seeds of improved varieties have been distributed for Asare paddy seeds. After paddy seeds, maize and wheat seeds are also being prepared for processing and testing, said Professor Singh. He said that this will also increase the income of the university. Farmers are excited after the seeds with the university logo came on the market, he said, adding that it is a matter of encouragement to distribute large quantities of paddy seeds even during the shutdown. Farmers no longer have the problem of not getting seeds.

He said that the government of Nepal should encourage the farms to become self-sufficient in seeds. Professor Singh says that the seed production capacity can be increased if more assistance is received from the Government of Nepal. The university has been producing mother seeds on its farm with the original seed Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC). The university has been cultivating seeds in more than 95 bighas.


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