Samriddhi Finance To Sell 940,466 Shares In Auction From Chaitra 29

April 12, 2022 | Investopaper

Samriddhi Finance Limited (SFCL) is going to sell the unsold right shares in the auction. The auction will open from Chaitra 29, 2078 BS. The shares in the auction include:

Promoter Shares: 867,336 units

Ordinary Shares: 73,100 units

Total: 940,466 units

The current promoter shareholders can apply for the promoter shares while the general public, firms, and companies can submit the application for the purchase of the ordinary shares. Interested investors can submit the bids until Baisakh 7, 2078 BS.

The finance company had issued the right share in the ratio 2:1 from Falgun 8, 2078 BS to Falgun 29, 2078 BS. Out of the total 27,29,705 shares, 867,336 units of promoter shares and 73,100 units of ordinary shares remained unsold. The company is planning to sell these shares in the auction.

The minimum price of the share will be Rs 100. When submitting a bid, the investor will have to apply at Rs 100 or above per share. Bidder at a higher price will receive the shares.

One can submit the bid for a minimum of 1000 shares for the promoter shares and 100 shares for ordinary shares.

BOK Capital Markets Limited Limited is the sales manager for the auction of shares.

For full information regarding the auction, please visit the website of the sales manager.


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