132 KV Samundratar-Trishuli Transmission Line Comes In Operation

July 4, 2021 | Investopaper

The Samundratar-Trishuli transmission line (132 KV), constructed by Nepal Electricity Authority, has come into operation. The 26 km long double circuit transmission line has come into operation formally four years after the start of construction. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the transmission line on Saturday.  

 NEA had brought the transmission line into operation unofficially since Ashad 10. The contract agreement was signed on Mangsir 13, 2073 to construct the transmission line. 84 towers have been constructed under the transmission line. The transmission line will be used to connect the electricity generated from the projects under construction in Tadi rive. At current, ten hydropower projects of 60 MW are under construction on Tadi River.  

According to NEA, the construction of the transmission line and substation has been completed at a total cost of Rs 1.55 billion. The transmission line was built by China’s ETERN-CCCE-FEPEC-JV. The government, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and European Investment Bank have jointly invested in the transmission line and substation project.

The capacity of the Samundratar substation is 132/33 KV. NEA has stated that two power transformers of 30 MVA capacity have been installed in the substation. 


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