Share investors associations finally say yes to T+1 settlement

May 26, 2019 | Investopaper

After facing criticism on their decision to not go with a T+1 settlement approach, finally, share investors related associations have made a press release by accepting the implementation of T+1 settlement.

If you don’t know what T+1 means then, T stands for transaction date and the number after + represents settlement day. Here, 1 means you have to settle the transaction within one day of doing the transaction i..either transfer shares or pay the amount within one day of the transaction. In Nepal, currently, T+3 settlement is existent.

After the implementation of T+1 settlement, you will receive your cash within three days of the transaction while you have to make payment within a day.

With the introduction of online trading and Meroshare, the settlement process has become a lot easier. From Sunday, you can make payment to the broker directly from your bank account through online



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