Siddhartha Insurance profit falls by 27 percent

The net profit of Siddhartha Insurance fell by 27 percent in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2075/76. The profit stood at Rs. 21.43 crores. In the previous year, Siddhartha Insurance made a profit of Rs. 29.53 crores. The decline in profit is mainly due to the increase in the net claim as well as provision for the outstanding claim.

Siddhartha Insurance paid a net claim of Rs. 55.40 crores, a rise of almost 22 percent. However, the net premium has declined by a 7 percent to Rs. 82.19 crores. The total premium collection increased slightly to Rs. 186.18 crores.

The current paid-up capital stands at Rs. 100 crores. The capital rose by 56 percent from the last fiscal year.

Likewise, the reserve has fallen to Rs. 15.56 crores, a decline of almost 11 percent.

The company has an insurance fund of Rs. 66.46 crores. Similarly, until the fourth quarter of 2075/76, Siddhartha Insurance has made a total investment of Rs. 233.51 crores.

EPS stands at Rs. 21.43. Likewise, the net-worth per share is Rs. 189.89.

The fourth-quarter report of Siddhartha Insurance is summarized in the table below:

Siddhartha Insurance Fourth Quarter Report, 2075/76

Paid-up Capital (Rs. ‘crores’) 100 64.14 55.91
Reserve & Surplus (Rs. ‘crores’) 15.56 17.43 -10.73
Insurance Fund  (Rs. ‘crores’) 66.46 55.75 19.21
Total Investments  (Rs. ‘crores’) 233.51 189.43 23.27
Total Premium (Rs. ‘crores’) 186.18 178.93 4.05
Net Premium  (Rs. ‘crores’) 82.19 88.64 -7.28
Net Claim (Rs. ‘crores’) 55.4 45.52 21.70
Total Outstanding Claim (Rs. ‘crores’) 87.64 60.8 44.14
Net Profit  (Rs. ‘crores’) 21.43 29.53 -27.43
Earnings Per Share (Rs.) 21.43
Networth Per Share (Rs.) 189.89
Market Price (Rs.) [Ashad 31, 2076] 455
P/E Ratio [ based on the price of Ashad 31] 21.23


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