Single Number For Recharge And Balance Check In Mobile Service

September 8, 2020 | Investopaper

From now on, you can use the same code even if you use the mobile service of any service provider. Nepal Telecommunication Authority has recently issued a working procedure, 2077 regarding the use of short code and toll free number in telecommunication services. From now on, users of all service providers will be able to use 122 short code for recharge. Similarly, 133 codes can be used to send balances and 144 codes to check balance. According to NTA, all service providers will have to fully implement this new arrangement within the next six months.

Users of Nepal Telecom are now using 412 short codes for recharge and 400 short codes for balance check. Similarly, Ncell users have been using 901 and 900 to view the balance. Similarly, they have been dialing 102 short codes for recharge.

Other Provisions

The procedure also makes certain arrangements related to the short code. Accordingly, a three-digit short code will be made available for urgent emergency services, a four-digit short code for Government of Nepal bodies directly concerned with the public, and a five-digit short code for service providers to provide additional services. The 10 digit short code will be used for toll free service only.

Even though the four-digit short code has been used by private sector organizations, the authority will take back the number within six months. Such organizations will be provided 10-digit toll free number. Service providers are not allowed to charge for providing five-digit numbers. While operating the service using the said number, the tariff rate has to be approved by the authority.

The toll free number has also been changed. Such numbers, which used to start from 1660, will now start from 1800. The service provider will not be allowed to charge for providing toll free number but the tariff rate for the service provided from such number should be as per the authority. In case the toll free number provided by one service provider is contacted by another service provider, interconnection fee has to be paid. However, the burden will not fall on the user.


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