Six Reasons why Social Media Sites should be open in Office

February 7, 2020 | DWAIPAYAN REGMI

There are enough rooms of debate about why social media should be permitted within the organization. This is something important issue as well. There is enough level of facilitators explaining why social media should be banned in working place as well. Meanwhile, a large number of organizations ban social media in their workplace from different NGOs and INGOs to a wide range of financial institutions as well. In this era, how appropriate is it to ban social media in the Nepalese working space? Here are a few reasons explaining why social media should not be banned within Nepal.

Mental Break

An important reason why social media is necessary for office is that employee gets to sense mental break there. So, according to the PRC survey, employees get a sense of relaxation through the use of social media in the office. More than brief, periodic breaks in office times – these social media can allow them to take the break whenever they want. Staff should not spend their entire time struggling to kill time within the office anyway.

Generate Professional Connections

Social media lets employees build up their professional relationships with people within the country and also across the border. It can generate further opportunities for exposure which would have gone unnoticed else. Such better connects would lead to sales leads, interests in employment, business opportunities and great learning opportunities thereby. LinkedIn is a great space for building a professional relationship anyway.

Solution finder

There are several groups across social media – like Facebook or Twitter, where the employee can be a member. Regarding Nepal’s context – Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR), Women’s Room Reloaded (WRR) or Banking Groups exists from where employees can gain the opportunity for dealing with the problem in a comparatively better manner. Such groups create a platform through which employees can gain perspective from the outside world – quickly, easily and in free.

Strengthens relationship with coworkers

As people are into social media one way or the other, coworkers would get the opportunity to interact with one other building strong relationship among themselves. This would be an easy communication tool helping to share ideas and increase engagement during office or even during non-office hours at home itself. So, staff will get to find out the update that took place during their leave time as well. The work team can improve gradually through constant growth thereby.

Strengths Organization and helps in Branding

Big Data firm found the connection between social media and increased retention which stated that 39000 hourly workers found employees who used 1 to 4 social networking sites on weekly basis stayed at their jobs longer than their peers. The study claimed that the turnover ratio will be lowered down in the meantime. Apart, social media helps in branding through various check-ins within social media. The employee gets their recognition in the meantime as well.

Increased level of productivity

A mentally refreshed employee can devote their time in their work. In this era, even if the organization would not permit social media use, the employee would opt for the purchase of data simply to check their social media timeline time and again. Hence, this behavior of social media would directly reflect on the increased level of productivity within the firm. So, if an employee posts his picture – he should not be mentally curious about the likes he got, or comments he received here.


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