15,000 Smart Meters Connected In Kathmandu

November 27, 2020 | Investopaper

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has installed about 15,000 smart meters in Kathmandu Valley. NEA is working for meter connection through Ratna Park and Maharajgunj distribution cente. In the first phase, it plans to provide smart meters to one lakh household customers.

Speaking at a webinar organized by the Society of Economic Journalists’ of Nepal (Sejon), Pushkar Manandhar, Senior Project Officer for ADB Energy, said that it has done a lot of assistance and improvement work in Nepal in the power sector in collaboration with NEA. “We continue to support and cooperate with the ADB on energy procedures and the Government of Nepal’s energy and water resources policy on how to make Nepal’s power sector more reliable, improved, capacity-building and sustainable,” he said.

He said that the concept of smart grid is an urgent process. After moving to smart grid, NEA will be able to reduce the cost of operation and management of the office. This will benefit the authority. Speaking on the occasion, Vinit Mishra, Director, Ast & Young, said that many countries of the world have already joined the smart grid and added that Nepal could reap huge benefits. According to him, the implementation of smart grid not only makes the operation of the energy system reliable and efficient, it also makes it easier for every customer to pay the electricity bill and get complete information.

This will help in reducing leakage of electricity authority, pickload management, cheap electricity, property management, large scale smart meters, cost reduction and reliable supply of electricity, less power cut, less need for diesel generators, saving money and other benefits to the consumers. 



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