17 Solar Power Projects Under Construction In Nepal | To Produce 110 MW Of Electricity

July 18, 2023 | Investopaper

As an alternative source of energy, solar power is gaining popularity across the global as well as in Nepal. Although the major investments for electricity production has flowed towards hydropower projects in Nepal, investors in solar projects have increased in recent years.

The government of Nepal has set the target of producing 15,000 MW of electricity in the next ten years. Understanding the concept of ‘energy mix’, the government has emphasized that the contribution of solar or renewable energy should be around 10-15 percent.

Previously, the solar power was used only for the household purposes. However, lately the solar projects are being developed to generate electricity for the commercial purposes. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has signed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with several solar power projects at an average of Rs 7 per unit. Hence, the development of solar power projects has gained momentum in recent times.

According to Department of Electricity Development, about 17 solar projects are currently being constructed in Nepal. NEA along with private sector investors are developing these projects. The department has already issued the license for the construction and the work of these projects is going on full swing. After the completion of the construction of these projects, about 110 MW of electricity will be added to the current energy supply.

The table below presents various solar power projects currently under the construction phase.

Solar Power Projects Under Construction In Nepal

S.N. Project Capacity (MW) Promoter Location
1 Block No 1 Solar Farms Project 5.1 Nepal Electricity Authority Charghare (Nuwakot)
2 Block No 2 Solar Farms Project 8.3 Nepal Electricity Authority Charghare (Nuwakot)
3 Bel Chautara Solar Farm Project 5 Solar Farm Pvt. Ltd. Khairenitar (Tanahu)
4 Solar PV Pratappur 5 National Solar Power Company Pratappur (Nawalparasi)
5 Bhrikuti Solar Power Project 9 First Solar Developers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Barakulpur (Kapilbastu)
6 Grid Connected Solar Project Block 4 1.37 Nepal Electricity Authority Bidur N.P. (Nuwakot)
7 Grid-Connected Solar Power Project 3 Sagarmatha Energy & Construction Pvt. Ltd. Dhalkebar (Dhanusha)
8 Grid-Connected Solar Power Project 8 Global Energy & Construction Pvt. Ltd. Duhabi (Sunsari)
9 Solar PV Project Banke, block-2 10 Pure Energy Ltd Raniyapur (Banke)
10  Ganeshpur, Kapilbastu 10 Positive Energy Pvt. Ltd Ganeshpur (Kapilbastu)
11 Solar Power Project, Dhalkebar 11 kV S/S 1 Api Power Company Ltd. Dhalkebar (Dhanusha)
12 Baigundhara Solar PV project 5 East Solar Pvt. Ltd Gaurandaha (Jhapa)
13 Mithila 2 Solar PV Project, Dhanusa 10 Eco Global Power Development Pvt. Ltd. Begadawar (Dhanusha)
14 Dharamnagar Solar Farm Project 10 Pashupati Renewables Pvt. Ltd. Birpur (Kapilbastu)
15 Grid Tied Solar Farm Project 3.09 Nepal Electricity Authority Charghare (Nuwakot)
16 Grid Tied Solar Farm Project Block n. 5 6.5 Nepal Electricity Authority Bidur N.P. (Nuwakot)
17 Grid Connected Solar Project, 10 Jhapa Energy Limited Panchganchi (Jhapa)
Total 110.36



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