Start Of The World’s Second Tallest Bungee Jump In Gorge Of Kaligandaki

October 31, 2020 | Investopaper

The Cliff P. Ltd. has started bungee jumping in Kaligandaki from Saturday (Karthik 15, 2077). Adventure sports including bungee, swing and sky cycling have been conducted on the 500-meter bridge connecting Kushma and Balewa of Baglung. Raju Karki, chairman of The Cliff Pvt. Ltd, made the official start of the bungee jump by jumping on his own on Saturday.

The resort has also come into operation along with the bridge. Karki said that other adventure sports have also started. A jumping platform has been constructed for bungee and swing just above the Kaligandaki river in the middle of the 525 meter long suspension bridge. The height of the bridge from the river is 228 meters or 748 feet.

At present, the world’s tallest bungee is 764 feet high in Macau and the second tallest is 720 feet above the dam in Switzerland. The Kaligandaki bunjee jump will be the second tallest bungee in the world ahead of Switzerland, and the swing here is the tallest in the world, said Karki. Both bungee and swing are priced at Rs 7,000. With the formal start, even the general public will be able to participate in adventure sports here.

The bridge, which has an investment of Rs 200 million including a resort, is believed to bring change in the tourism promotion of Baglung.


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