Madhes State Government Announces Budget of Rs 43.89 Billion for FY 2081/82

June 16, 2024 | Investopaper

The Madhes Province government has projected a total budget of Rs. 43.89 billion for the fiscal year 2081/82. This budget was presented by Finance Minister Bharat Prasad Sah to the Provincial Assembly on Saturday night.

The budget allocates Rs. 16.07 billion (36.55 percent) for current expenditures and Rs. 27.89 billion (63.55 percent) for capital expenditures. The government plans to generate Rs. 9.07 billion from internal revenue, and an additional Rs. 11.36 billion from financial transfers, including Rs. 7.80 billion from financial equalization grants and Rs. 3.55 billion from conditional grants. Additionally, Rs. 13.60 billion is expected from federal revenue sharing and Rs. 7.86 billion from the previous year’s cash reserves.

The Madhes Province government has declared 2082 as the Year of Tourism, launching a campaign titled “Explore Madhes, Understand Madhes.” This initiative was announced by Finance Minister Sah during the budget presentation. Popular plans and programs included under the Chief Minister’s Green Province campaign involve planting one million trees, providing fully equipped ambulance services in every district, and achieving full literacy in the Madhes Province.

For the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, the government has allocated a budget of Rs. 2.99 billion.

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