Sudurpashchim Province Becoming Hub Of Hydropower Projects

March 4, 2021 | Investopaper

Sudurpashchim Province is becoming a hub of hydropower projects. Dozens of projects are under construction in  the state. Some projects have already been completed and started generating electricity. Some hydropower projects are under construction in Bajhang, Baitadi, Darchula, Achham, Doti and Bajura. In some districts, the construction work is about to start after completing the feasibility study of the project.

Thousands of megawatts of electricity are likely to be generated from rivers including Seti, Mahakali, Chameliya and Kalanga, Budhiganga, which have been flowing uninterruptedly for 12 months.

In Bajhang district alone, about a dozen hydropower projects are under construction. Work on the Kalanga Hydropower Project, the largest project in the state under construction with private sector investment, has reached its final stage.

The project aims to generate electricity within Chaitra. The construction of 10 MW Kalanga Hydropower Project, 38.46 MW Upper Kalanga Hydropower Project and 16 MW Sanigad Hydropower Project on the Kalanga River in Bungal area is in the final stage.

The one-megawatt Jeuligad Hydropower Project in Dhogadi of Surma Village Municipality near the district headquarters Chainpur has already generated electricity and distributed it in Bajhang. Likewise, the 30 MW Chameliya Hydropower Project in Balanch of Shailyashikhar Municipality-1 of Darchula has started generating electricity.

The Chamelia Hydropower Project has been jointly constructed by Nepal Electricity Authority, China Gejuwa Group Company (CGGC) and Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company (KHNP). The construction of the project, which started in 2007, was initially estimated to cost Rs 8 billion, but the project has been constructed at a cost of about Rs 15.60 billion.

The construction of 8 MW Upper Naugad and 8.5 MW Naugad hydropower projects in Naugad village municipality of Darchula has also been completed and power generation has started. The project, which has been under construction since Ashwin 2073 BS, has started generating electricity from last year.

Another 25-megawatt project is also under construction to generate electricity from Suni gad river in Talkot village municipality of Bajhang. Omega Energy Developer Pvt. Ltd. has started construction with the aim of generating 17 MW from the lower Suni gad and 8 MW from the upper Suni gad.

Similarly, dozens of projects in the Far West are in the process of preparing DPRs and seeking permission for construction. Some projects are in the tender process for construction after completion of feasibility study.

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is preparing to complete the feasibility study of the 210 MW Chainpur Seti Khola Hydropower Project in Talkot Municipality. Chilime Hydro Power Company Ltd. is also preparing to build a 165 MW Seti Khola Hydropower Project on the Seti River.

Similarly, Samridhi Hydro Power Company has started the process for the Upper Seti 140 MW project to be constructed in Saipal village municipality.

The second largest 60 MW Upper Chameliya Hydropower Project in the far-western region is also under construction in the Marma area of ​​Darchula with the investment of the private sector. Work on the project, which is being constructed by Api Hydro Pvt. Ltd., has already started four months ago.

The 1.55 MW Upper Gadigad Hydropower Project in Doti district is also under construction. The 20 MW Budhiganga semi-reservoir hydropower project in Achham is also being prepared for construction. The government started the feasibility study of the project since 2052 BS. The project is estimated to cost around Rs 6 billion, or 60 million US dollars.

Betan Karnali Hydro is going to build 439 MW Betan Karnali Hydropower Project in Achham. The company has already completed a feasibility study for the construction of this project.

Likewise, the process has started to build a 4.5 MW Badigad Hydropower Project in Bajura. Pioneer Hydro has completed the feasibility study and started the necessary process for construction.

Similarly, 5 MW capacity Budhiganga Hydropower Project is also being prepared for construction. Reliable Hydro Company has already conducted a feasibility study. In Darchula, 13.94 MW  Ayu chhati Gad Hydropower Project, 35 MW Madhya Chameliya Hydropower Project and 10 MW Makrigad Hydropower Project have also started the necessary process for construction.

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