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September 11, 2019 | Investopaper

Introduction to Tootle

Tootle means a pleasurable ride. In simple terms, Tootle is a ride-sharing application through which needy ones get the vehicle to reach on time. This is a popular initiative that is brought to serve people across the valley. It has been an easy way of getting and giving rides within Kathmandu. Using mobile applications, the passenger can call nearby tootle rider and get on the ride with a minimum charge. Although, the concept seems to be around that of Uber or Ola; it is getting popular across in Kathmandu for sure. Apart from making the ride easy, it has been helping a bunch of youth to earn pocket money too.

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Beginning of Tootle

Sixit Bhatta, the man behind Tootle graduated in electronics and communication engineering in the year 2002. Later, he did his MBA degree while working in the telecom sector. He then worked in banking sectors and then realized how important it is for him to stand on his own. It was in the year 2013 he left the job. He then began engaging in various projects relating to education along with startups. At that very time, he got involved in other teams and then started a separate project relating to knowledge which turned out to be a failure.

After the failure, he was in his leisure period and then the idea of Tootle popped into the mind. So, as there was an earthquake in 2015, the school were lined up. People had been waiting for vehicles. They initially thought of creating an app to track the location of Sajha Buses. The team members Aayush Subedi, Princi Koirala, Bina Laxmi Shrestha, Sixit Bhatta also approached Sajha for the application but did not work out. They then continued further research and studies – they ended up in Tootle.

 Story of Struggle

Tootle had to undergo through the struggle for a longer period. From the time of team formation itself, they had to undergo a wide range of challenges, which didn’t end up there itself. They formed a team gathering fresh graduates which were time-consuming processes with huge effort. The question of the red number plate and black ones often troubles them. It was in this year itself, they faced the biggest trouble undergoing through the ‘ban’ issue. However, entrepreneurship is not only about smooth tootle ride, but hurdles too – they tolerated and here they are still running smoothly.

Opportunities and Challenges of Tootle

The business firm has to bear the risk. It has been explained that Tootle is still under the margin of loss. There are several challenges that Tootle needs to cope up within the upcoming days. The primary challenge is the management of loopholes, where the riders ask their clients to cancel up the trip so that they could escape in making payment to Tootle. Again, there exists the next challenge about the misbehavior of riders – making misuse of their phone number or personal detail, which Tootle seems to be addressed by making a proper record of their riders. Behavior management of riders and proper orientation would be a tough and challenging task for Tootle.

Still, a large bunch of mass is not into the access of Tootle within Kathmandu itself. Either, they hesitate in offering a ride, or they are not habituated. Hereby, Tootle has huge opportunities. Expanding the service beyond Kathmandu can be something worthwhile too. This should be seriously considered as an opportunity. As of now, Tootle is gaining 2000 rides – which seems to be impressive enough. There are possibilities of further rides in the equal proportion which acts as a major opportunity again. 20% of the fare, which is charged by Tootle could be very high when the rides keep on increasing. In this politically stable moment, the economically sound firm who has enough social support and is equally active in technology – there certainly lies rooms of opportunities.

Popularity and Coverage

‘Most Promising Startup’ is what made Tootle stand up separately in the crowd. Where hasn’t tootle been presented? From Sixit’s interview at different national media, the introduction and story of Tootle have been present in a wide range of spaces. Their few banners are being seen on various social media platforms as well. News about Tootle was covered in almost every media – and had turned out to be the concern of a large bunch of mass as well. Tootle’s story has been covered in almost every media – national level, print, TV, Radio to online media.

Future of Tootle

With plans for Tootle outside Kathmandu, it seems that Tootle is all set to expand the service to other cities as well. There is already a test ride going around in Pokhara. Tootle focuses on brand building as well, with a sense of integrity over every ride. If that turns out to be a success, Tootle will certainly bring a huge impact on transportation culture in Nepalese society. Cheaper than a cab ride, Tootle would make an impressive mark in the society – as this would be providing a socio-economic impact in the space with youth empowerment and freedom over travel as well. This could be a pocket money-earning a job for a large number of youths too. As the legal barriers seem to be gaining calmness with gradual improvement, there certainly lies a big benefit across in the days ahead.


Entrepreneurship is not all limited to one try, but it requires the courage to stand out when everything around falls. It is about motivating a large bunch and ensuring success to a large mass – as a whole. A good team spirit, desire to work on for improvement and risk-bearing capacity is what Tootle teaches for the entrepreneurial lessons. There might be legal obstacles that could be a barrier time and again, but it is more about ensuring that things are being done right. Running just a lap would not bring you success, but there are thousands of laps which have to be faced before that. There are good days and there are bad days, preparation for bad days makes it all strong.



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