Top 10 valuable brands of 2019

June 3, 2019 | Investopaper

Forbes has published the list of the world’s most valuable brands for the year 2019. And according to the list, Apple sits on the top followed by Google and Microsoft. Facebook, after facing lots of problems last year has reported a decline of 6 percent in its brand value in a one year period.

The list is dominated by US companies with all top 5 companies belonging to the country having the world’s largest economy. 200 global brands were taken into consideration and were ranked based on their revenues and earnings. See the list of top 20 brands of 2019 along with the brand value in dollars below:

S.No. Company Name Country Brand Value (in billion $) One year value change (in percent)
1 Apple USA 205.5 12
2 Google USA 167.7 27
3 Microsoft USA 125.3 20
4 Amazon USA 97 37
5 Facebook USA 88.9 -6
6 CocaCola USA 59.2 3
7 Samsung South Korea 53.1 11
8 Disney USA 52.2 10
9 Toyota Japan 44.6 0
10 Mc Donalds USA 43.8 6


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