Top 5 countries with highest tourist arrival in Nepal 2019

July 18, 2019 | Investopaper

The tourism sector of Nepal enjoyed sustained growth in international tourist arrivals to Nepal in the first six months of 2019. The consistent momentum continued throughout the months and a half annual arrival figures for 2019 reached 585,531, a cumulative increase of 12.6% over the same period in 2018. According to the Department of Immigration, 490,534 international visitors came by air and 94,997 came overland.

Tourist arrivals from India in the first six months of 2019 increased by 7.36% in comparison to the figures for 2018 and reached 103,461. The overall arrivals from SAARC countries registered a sturdy growth of 10.4 % over the same period last year with 144,957 total tourist arrivals.

Likewise, 85,318 Chinese tourists visited Nepal in the first six months of 2019, which is 19.53% more than the arrivals in the same period of 2018. Similarly, the visitors from Thailand, South Korea, and Japan have also increased significantly by 38.15%, 5.34%, and 17.9% respectively in comparison to the figures for 2018.

The European arrivals have also surged with sustained growths from the key markets with 104,783 total arrivals in the first six months of 2019. Arrivals from the United Kingdom and Germany are 28,951 and 18, 607 respectively with 4.17% and 12.8% growth rates.

The total number of US visitors to Nepal in the first six months of 2019 is 48,201, an increase of 10% over the figures for last year. Likewise, the number of Australians visitors to Nepal in six months of 2019 was 16,761, which is 4.01 % more than in the same period of 2018.

An arrival figure for the months of June 2019 is 68,782 which is 5.6% more than the arrivals from the same months of 2018.

Top 5 tourist generating countries in Nepal (In six months: Jan-Jun 2019)

Rank Country No. of tourist arrival in Nepal
1 India 103,461
2 China 85,318
3 USA 48,201
4 United Kingdom 28,951
5 Sri Lanka 28,970

Source: Nepal Tourism Board


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