Tourist Arrival Dismal In 8 Months Of 2021

September 5, 2021 | Investopaper

In the eight months of 2021, more than 66,000 foreign tourists have arrived in Nepal. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 66,966 foreign tourists visited Nepal from January to August this year. In August, 5,917 foreign tourists entered Nepal by air. In the same month of the previous year 2020, only 265 tourists had visited the country. It is estimated that 94,749 tourists visited Nepal in August 2019 before Covid-19 epidemic.

The Covid-19 epidemic has adversely affected the country’s tourism sector. The number of foreign tourist arrivals, a major source of foreign exchange earnings, seems disappointing. Looking into monthly data,  8,874 tourists arrived in January this year, 9,146 in February, 14,977 in March, 22,450 in April, 1,468 in May, 1,143 in June and 2,991 foreign tourists have visited Nepal in July.


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