Tourist Arrival to Meet Target of One Million in 2023

December 3, 2023 | Investopaper

The government’s target of attracting one million tourists by 2023, as stated in the financial year 2080/81 budget, seems to be progressing well, especially with the continuous influx of over 100,000 tourists for two months during the peak tourist season, along with satisfactory arrivals in other months. In November 2023, 108,630 tourists arrived in Nepal by air, following October’s figure of 117,306. Up until November 2023, Nepal has welcomed a total of 918,308 tourists, a significant increase from the 614,148 tourists in 2022, the year post-COVID-19.

Due to the waning impact of COVID-19 and increased airport capacity, tourist numbers have risen compared to the past. In November 2019, 130,302 tourists visited Nepal, contrasting sharply with the figure of 72,653 in November 2022 and a mere 1,956 in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic.

Notably, India contributed the highest number of tourists in November, with 24,443 visitors, followed by America, China, and Britain with 11,461, 7,601, and 6,138 tourists, respectively.


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