Tourist Arrival Increases by 29 Percent in March

April 2, 2024 | Investopaper

The number of foreign visitors to Nepal surged by 28.9 percent in March of this year.

According to Nepal Tourist Board, 1,28,167 tourists have visited Nepal in the month of March. In comparison to March of previous year, there were 28,741 more tourists entering Nepal in March this year. During the same period of the last year, 99,426 tourists visited Nepal.

Indian tourists were among the majority that arrived in March. About 30,698 tourists entered from India to Nepal. There were 12,933 Chinese tourists in the one month period.

The board reports that 10,773 foreign visitors arrived in Nepal from the United States, 7,241 from the United Kingdom, 5,741 from Sri Lanka, 5,255 from Germany, 4,345 from Thailand, 3,024 from France, and 3,013 from Myanmar during March.

Nepal has received 40,727 tourists from South Asia, 28,648 from Asia (other), 27,582 from Europe, 4,780 from Oceania, and 12,614 from North and South America.

About 79,100 and 97,426 tourists visited Nepal in January and February respectively. In the first three months, a total of 3,04,693 tourists have entered Nepal, a 33.78 percent rise, as compared to the same period of the previous year. About 2,27,755 tourists had entered Nepal in the first three months  of 2023.

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