5,46,216 Tourists Visited Nepal In 2022

December 2, 2022 | Investopaper

About 72,653 tourists from different countries have entered Nepal in the month of ‘November’. According to the Tourism Board, a total of 5,46,216 tourists have visited Nepal in the eleven months (January-November) of 2022.

Since the beginning of 2022, tourist arrivals have been increasing continuously with the reduction of the Covid epidemic. About 16,975 tourists came to Nepal in January, 19,766 in February, 42,006 in March, 61,589 in April, 53,608 in May, 46,957 in June, 44,462 in July, 41,304 in August 58,314 tourists in September, 88,582 tourists in October, and 72,653 tourists visited Nepal in November.

In the months of November, 24,599 people came from SAARC countries, 9,415 from other Asian countries, 17,229 from Europe, 3,677 from Oceania, 9,015 tourists came from America and Canada, 876 tourists came from the Middle East, and 7,842 tourists came from other countries.

Most of the tourists in Nepal come from India. About 20,500 tourists came from India. Before Covid, after Indians, the most tourists visiting Nepal were Chinese. However, the number of Chinese tourists is very low since the Chinese government did not allow its citizens to travel around the world after the Covid-19 pandemic.


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