Construction Of Upper Myagdi Hydropower Project (37 MW) To Begin

December 27, 2020 | Investopaper

The construction of 37 MW Upper Myagdi Hydropower Project in Dhauragiri Gaonpalika-4 Naura of Myagdi is set to begin. Hydro Empire Pvt. Ltd. is constructing the project. It has started construction of access road after completing a detailed study. Chairman of Hydro Empire, Jit Bahadur Gharti, informed that the work of preparing revised Environmental Test (EIA) report to increase the capacity of the project from 20 MW to 37 MW has reached the final stage. The PPA and the investment agreement will be signed after the EIA of the added capacity is passed.

The project is constructing an access road of about 14 kilometers. A project dam has been proposed on the right bank of Myagdi River, 130 meters below the confluence of Sinkos and Myagdi rivers. On the left bank of the Myagdi River, an underground sand-thawing pond and a headrace tunnel have been proposed.

Electricity will be generated by pouring water from a 3,553.33 meter long tunnel into the power house from a 300.88 meter high head. A 797.96 meter long penstock pipe will be connected from the outlet to the power house. The generated electricity will be connected to the central grid from Dandakhet substation through 10 km long transmission line. The project is estimated to cost Rs. 7.1 billion.

Four more projects have been given permission by the Department of Electricity Development to generate electricity from the Myagdi River flowing through the foothills of Dhaulagiri Himal. Permission has been sought for the construction of Upper Myagdi I with a capacity of 53.5 MW, Mudikhola with a capacity of 14.70 MW and Myagdikhola Hydropower Project with a capacity of 57.30 MW.

Although Dhawalagiri Kalika Hydro Limited laid the foundation stone of the 25 MW Darwang Myagdikhola Hydropower Project in Malika village two years ago, it has not gained momentum. The Myagdikhola ‘A’ with a capacity of 23.70 MW, Dhaulakhola with a capacity of 15 MW, Tirijakhola with a capacity of 4.6 MW, Aparmudi with a capacity of 12.73 MW, Simkosh with a capacity of 3.45 MW and Darkhola with a capacity of 6.5 MW are under survey in Dhawalagiri.

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