Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower to Invest 10 Percent Equity in 99.8 MW Tamakoshi-5 Project

December 16, 2021 | Investopaper

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited will be allowed to invest a 10 percent equity share in the 99.8 MW Tamakoshi-5 under construction in Dolakha. This share will be provided from the promoter share owned by Nepal Electricity Authority. Tamakoshi Hydropower Company Limited, which is developing the project, has put forward the decision to NEA which has informed that the board is preparing to make the final decision. 

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower has already completed the construction of the 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Project and brought it into operation. The water coming out of its tailrace will be taken to the Tamakoshi-5 powerhouse and discharged. In addition, the 220 kV double circuit transmission line constructed by Upper Tamakoshi will be used to connect the electricity generated from the Tamakoshi-5 project. NEA has discussed that it is appropriate to give a 10 percent share as there is no need to build a separate dam for Tamakoshi-5 when using the water from the upper Tamakoshi tailrace.

The Employees Provident Fund has agreed to provide a loan investment of Rs 12 Arba for the project. This is 75 percent of the estimated cost of the project i.e. Rs. 16 billion.

NEA owns 41 percent share in the Tamakoshi Hydropower Company. Out of which, 10 percent will be sold to Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower.


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