Upper Tamor ‘A’ Hydropower Project Completes Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

July 23, 2023 | Investopaper

The Upper Tamor ‘A’ Hydropower Project, to be developed by Union Hydropower Limited, has prepared its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. Union Hydropower has submitted the comprehensive EIA report to the Department of Environment for the crucial final approval.

Located in Phattanglung Rural Municipality, along the banks of the Tamor River, the Upper Tamor ‘A’ Hydropower Project has an installed capacity of 60 MW.

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 12.85 Arba (billion) which translates into a per megawatt cost of Rs 22.21 crores.

The construction timeline for Upper Tamor ‘A’ is projected to span three years from the commencement of construction. Upon completion, the hydropower project is anticipated to produce approximately 333.822 gigawatt hours of electricity annually.

Once operational, the electricity generated by the project will be supplied to the Dhungesangu substation. The substation, situated 15 km away from the proposed powerhouse site, will be connected through a 132 kV single circuit transmission line.

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