US and China to make another effort to settle trade tensions

August 27, 2019 | Investopaper

US President Donald Trump has said the two countries the US and China will again resume trade talks in an effort to solve the growing tensions between the countries. Both the US and China have been hugely affected by the trade war between them.

Earlier in the weekend, the US president expressed his regret for latest tariffs which was reversed by the White House later. The tariffs on billion dollars of Chinese import were hiked by Trump on Friday. This move was made to counteract the duties imposed by Beijing. During the G7 Summit, Trump also admitted that Chinese officials made two very good calls that have paved the way for going back to the negotiation.

US allies pressurized Trump at the G7 summit to look for negotiation with China. This is because the world economy has already been affected by the trade war and the situation may further worsen. China has not responded to this and the country has already expressed that it would not bow to any kind of threatening by the US.

The US is unhappy with China regarding its trade practices and it has been trying to force China to revise its trade practices.










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