Probable easing of trade tensions between US-China pushes Asian market up

December 12, 2018 | Investopaper

Asian share market jumped up in Wednesday after news that US-China is reaching in an agreement to reduce trade tensions circulated around the globe. The possibility that there will be cut in the import tariffs imposed by China to cars made in the US boosted Asian share market. It is expected to go down to 15% from the current 40% imposed by China on the US made cars.

Similarly, news that Huawei chief financial has been granted bail in Canada also added positivism to the market sentiments.

Japanese share market was heightened by the increase in the price of auto companies like Yamaha, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi etc.

Similarly, Hyundai and Kia motors share price also increased in price after the positive news in the South Korean market.

Moving on to China, the trend continued as SAIC Motor stock price also jumped in the market.



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