US-North Korea president to meet again

January  18, 2019 | Investopaper

Kim Yong-chol, one of the top negotiators of North Korea has arrived in Washington. He is there to meet US officials The negotiator is carrying a letter from the North Korean president to Trump.

This has hinted to the possibility of a second summit between Kim Jong un and the US president after they had met in Singapore last year in June. Also, earlier this month, Donald Trump admitted that US-North Korea were looking for location to hold a summit.

The North Korean leader is expected to visit Vietnam in February which is a speculated venue for the next possible summit.

The meeting between Kim Yong Chol and the US officials is expected to  finalise the plans for the summit and understand the agendas to be discussed in the summit.

North Korea Kim, in his annual speech said that the country  is committed to denuclearisation. North Korea has been looking to get rid of the US sanctions imposed against the country and warned US to alter the course of denuclearisation if the sanctions are held.



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