Warren Buffet favorite stocks for long run; Apple tops the list

February 24, 2019 | Investopaper

Warren Buffet, this Saturday, informed his shareholders that Berkshire Hathaway has chosen companies like Apple, Goldman Sachs and  American Express for the success in the long run. He released an annual letter to the shareholders and expressed his investment decisions.

The company has invested $40 billion dollars in Apple shares while the amount stands at $3.13 billion and $14.45 billion for the other two companies respectively. Buffett further said that the investment in these companies are valuable and the company would not terminate these holdings for turmoils in the stock market provided by different political actions, economic forecasts, actions by Federal Reserve etc.

Berkshire investments in 2018 were hit by the market fall in the fourth quarter. But the long term investors are unmoved by this short term setbacks. The letter also noted that the company made a loss of $20.6 billion from the reduction in the amount of unrealized capital gains that existed in its investment holdings.
Still, coping with the last year market rollover the company’s stock investments increased by around 2 billion in market value totaling $172.75 billion.



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