Paid Up Capital

Paid Up Capital of commercial banks- First Quarter 2075/76

1Agricultural Development Bank Ltd.13,932,528
2Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.10,645,599
3Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.10,285,527
4Nepal Bank Ltd.9,808,192
5Global IME Bank Ltd.8,888,376
6NMB Bank Ltd.8,743,784
7Siddhartha Bank Ltd.8,464,385
8Prabhu Bank Ltd.8,233,959
9Laxmi Bank Ltd.8,221,667
10Sunrise Bank Ltd.8,152,556
11Himalayan Bank Ltd.8,114,529
12Everest Bank Ltd.8,106,863
13Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.8,088,299
14Citizens Bank International Ltd.8,079,619
15Century Commercial Bank Ltd.8,063,435
16Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd.8,055,693
17Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.8,046,905
18Nabil Bank Ltd.8,043,221
19Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.8,033,299
20NIC Asia Bank Ltd.8,031,117
21Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.8,011,431
22Civil Bank Ltd.8,003,390
23Sanima Bank Ltd.8,001,255
24Janata Bank Nepal Ltd.8,000,786
25Kumari Bank Ltd.7,163,055
26Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.7,072,896
27Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd.4,685,902
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