Amazon, Microsoft involved in killer robot development

August 23, 2019 | Investopaper

A recent report has suggested that giant tech companies are putting the world at a huge risk by promoting killer robot development. Tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel are among the three big companies that are involved in the development of this deadly AI program. The report was published by the Dutch NGO Pax after surveying big players from the tech sector and judging their attitude on lethal autonomous weapons.

50 companies were ranked on the basis of their technology development relevant to deadly AI, involvement in military projects and their commitment towards not contributing to them in the future. Many questions arose after the survey like why are the big tech companies getting involved in the development of controversial weapons that have the potential to destroy human lives without direct human involvement.

Integrating AI and weapon system is a very risky concept that can lead to mass destruction. It is because they can autonomously select and attack targets. This would also threaten international security.

On the other hand, big companies like Google, Softbank, etc have abstained itself from deadly AI development.





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