11.11 – Being a wise customer

November 6, 2019 | DWAIPAYAN REGMI

November 11, 11/11 or known as Singles day started from 1993. It was the day when a group of male students at the Nanjing University of China decided that they would celebrate than lamenting for being single. This is how the story began. Almost two decades later, it turned out to be Shopping Holiday after CEO of Alibaba Jack Ma made the foundation for the highest shopping day. And then Alibaba started the day – introducing as Sales Day.

This certainly is a pattern that every seller has been following. So, for Souq, it was White Friday, in India it’s Diwali Shopping offers. There are other days – Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day that are brought into practice similarly. And, here in Nepal – it seems that November 11 is going to be a great shopping day too!

It has to be understood that, these promotional campaigns are for boosting up the turnovers and increasing sales. This is not a day of social service, and online retailers are not doing any CSR activities. Hence, before you make the hay during the sunshine and regret later, you need to look after a few important elements. Because last year there were huge regretful tweets and facebook status for this particular day.

Ensure the price

In India, you could compare prices at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other similar places before making the purchase. You don’t have many options here. So, if available outside at physical store – ensure that you know the price there. Or, it is always wise to stay updated about the price from beforehand itself. What was the price of the watch on November 9? And what is it on November 11? If you walk around New Road – how much will they mention the price? Staying updated prevents you from being cheated.

Don’t be materialistic

Online shopping, advertisement has given birth to materialism. People buy things even if they don’t need it. Or, people buy products because their neighbors bought it. These offer filled days provoke materialism at a larger scale, so it is important to ensure that you are buying things because you need it. Are you simply checking the website, even though you don’t need anything? Stop this – because if you keep on checking, you might feel that you need it – even if you don’t.

No laziness. Please

One reason why people opt for online shopping is that they think it is cool. Well, so if you get the same product at the same price five minutes away from your workplace, don’t try to appear cool making an order, because you might regret later. If the things are accessible with your physical visit, walk for it – because the laziness might turn out to be expensive later. Instead of facing a rough time in replacing or exchanging the product, better stay alert from the beginning itself.

Read reviews, check the description

Although, it is not wise to be entirely dependent on reviews, as they might be fake to influence buyers; there is nothing wrong with reading it being a skeptic. Also, it is important to go through the description. What buyers usually do is, during such an offer filled a day – they get a huge rush and get hurried about making an order. A wise buyer ensures that all his requirements are met from the description and looks over the reviews carefully as well.

Check Sellers detail

You never know, if the seller is a fraud. Because the online agent barely cares. So, it is important to ensure detailed information about the seller – check their background, operating date and go through the reviews as well. Do they have a Facebook page? Or, are they physically located somewhere? Because, if in case you need to go for return – you need space! So, if there are not any phone number or address posted, stay alert!


It is important to understand and realize that these offer filled days are not just for customers but sellers as well. As they can’t hang out SALE posters, these are the days when they want to empty their go down and replace their inventories as per the latest market need. You need to be aware that online sellers are spending a large sum on the promotion of this day as well. And, they need to earn enough to cover all those expenses as well. Hence, be a wise customer – not a fool.

Happy 11:11! Happy Shopping!


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