Alternative Road Linking Salyan To Karnali State Capital Constructed

June 12, 2020 | RSS

Construction of an alternative road linking Salyan district with Surkhet, the capital of Karnali State, has been completed. With this, Sallibazaar of Salyan district has been directly linked with road to Surkhet via Dhorchaur Uchalne of local Siddhakumakh rural municipality.

The alternative road has been constructed with Rs 7.5 million provided under the supplementary budget of the Karnali state government and Rs 2.5 million provided by the Siddhakumakh rural municipality, said the rural municipality chairman Chitra Bahadur Chalaune.

Before this, one had to travel to the district headquarters, Khalanga, and take the Baluwa Sangrahi road from there to Surkhet. But with the construction of the alternative road one need not go the Khalanga. Chalaune said currently light vehicles are operating on the alternative road with the opening of the track. He said this is the shortest road to Surkhet from the district.

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