Hydropower Comparison: Chilime, Butwal Power & Sanima Mai

August 18, 2019 | Investopaper

The stocks of hydro power companies are lagging behind in the stock market of Nepal in recent times. The hydro power stocks have fallen hard, more than stocks of other sectors. Due to this reason, investors have no enthusiasm about the hydro-power stocks. Almost 13 stocks of hydropower sector are trading below the IPO price.

Chilime, Butwal Power Company and Sanima Mai Hydropower are the three leading hydropower companies listed in the NEPSE. The profit of Chilime and Sanima Mai Hydropower has declined from the previous year. On the other hand, Butwal power company has reported profit growth of more than 10 percent. It has surpassed the Chilime in terms of profit in this fiscal year.

In the table below, we have tried to compare the performance of these three hydropower companies. Note that the comparison is based on the un-audited fourth quarter report of the fiscal year 2075/76.


PAID-UP CAPITAL  (RS. ‘Crores’) 475.81 244.06 232.1
RESERVE AND SURPLUS (RS. ‘Crores’) 455.86 447.97 53.85
LONG TERM LOAN (RS. ‘Crores’) 23.35 223.45
INCOME FROM ELECTRICITY SALES  (RS. ‘Crores’) 117.05 68.3 72.41
NET PROFIT  (RS. ‘Crores’) 71.58 77.82 23.47
EARNINGS PER SHARE, EPS (Rs.) 15.04 31.89 10.11
NET-WORTH PER SHARE (RS.) 195.81 283.55 123
CURRENT RATIO 7.28 2.93 2
MARKET PRICE PER SHARE (Rs. ) 521 409 227
P/E ratio 34.63 12.83 22.45


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