Chilime Profit declines;Butwal Power profit rises: See comparative performance

February 12, 2019 | Investopaper

Two of the profitable hydropower listed in Nepal Stock Exchange- Chilime Hydropower & Butwal Power Company have published the second quarter report of F.Y. 2075/76. See the comparative performance of both hydropower and decide which hydropower is the  better of the two. We have summarized the quarterly report of both companies in the table below for your ease. Feel free to share your views on the comment section.

Headings Chilime Butwal Power
Paid up capital (Rs. ‘Arab’) 4.76 2.44
Reserve & Surplus (Rs. ‘Arab’) 4.42 4.27
Revenue from electricity sales(Rs. ‘Crores’) 62.43 38.4
Net Profit (Rs. ‘Crores’) 45.32 75.82
Earnings Per Share (Rs.) 19.05 62.14
Net-worth Per Share (Rs.) 192.9 273.21
Current Ratio 5.97 3.61
Market Price Per Share(Rs.) 506 377


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